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Chetwynde School

Respect, Responsibility, Resilience

Weekly School Values

As part of our commitment to holistic education, our weekly school values program has been designed to inspire the development of our three core values: respect, responsibility, and resilience. The aim is to go beyond mere academic instruction and nurture well-rounded individuals equipped with the knowledge, character, life skills, and values necessary to navigate the world responsibly and compassionately. Our ‘Weeklies’ include:


  • Weekly School Value 
  • Music of the Week
  • Root Word of the Week
  • Career of the Week


Every week, in assembly, we focus on specific values such as respect, empathy, integrity, perseverance, and teamwork. We integrate these values into our classrooms and discussions, ensuring that our students grasp the practical implications of these values in real-life situations. In addition, this year, we are now introducing a 'Music Track of the Week' - a carefully selected piece from various genres and cultures. The goal is to foster music appreciation, stimulate emotional intelligence, and broaden their cultural horizons. To bolster vocabulary and linguistic understanding, we also explore a 'Root Word of the Week.' This activity helps students learn the etymology of words, enhancing their comprehension and language skills. And finally, we highlight a career of the week to spotlight directions that pupils may not have considered before.