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School Teaching Structure - Information for Parents

At Chetwynde School we always pride ourselves on the relationship that we have with our pupils and
see it as a critical element in the academic progress and personal well-being of everyone. The
appointment of staff and any changes in responsibility or structure and how these are managed are
critical to ensure effective continuity of provision.

As you may expect, there have been some changes to staffing this academic year as some staff move
on and new appointments are made. In addition to changes in staffing, we are introducing a new
structure in terms of how the school is managed and organised. As a School we are all extremely
excited by this as it complements the positive changes to the curriculum that we have worked on last
academic year, with the introduction of the new CUSP curriculum. For more information on this please

We are conscious of the fact that we are an all-through school and feel that the new structure
will support more effective transition between key stages and support a more effective learning
programme for our pupils.

Therefore, in the light of the changes, we have put together this booklet that gives an overview of:
• Staff changes
• Leadership structure
• Class teachers / Form tutors

Chetwynde School is unique, as it can offer a 14-year learning journey for pupils, with all education on
one site. Any changes that are introduced are done so with the view to enhancing the provision and
are done to promote our vision, mission and strategic objectives.

Mr Jefferson
Chetwynde School Head Teacher