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It's All About the Flashcards!

If you have watched the video about Retrieval Practice on the Six Strategies for Effective Learning page then you will know that a powerful way to revise is by pulling knowledge back from your long-term memory into your short-term memory when you need it. BUT - you have to do that regularly for the knowledge to be deeply embedded. 

Flashcards are a great way to do this!

On this page are some resources to help you learn more about how to create and use flashcards effectively.

Great advice on how to create effective flashcards

The Leitner System - How to manage the learning

Make Your Own!

You can easily make your own flashcards form paper or card. Alternatively, there are plenty of ready-made blanks you can buy from all the popular retailers. Online Flashcard Generator

This site,, generates double-sided flashcards and sends you a PDF to print. 

 Another online generator, but can add images.


FOR GCSE: If you create flashcards AS YOU GO ALONG from the START of year ten, you will have all your revision resources ready for the exam season, rather than rushing to create cards at the last minute. If you are also creating them as you go and using the Leitner System then you won't actually have much revision to do because you will know it!